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Madewell Spring 2016


Loving the 70’s influence I am seeing in the Spring 2016 Madewell line (preorder only)! I always love a good jumpsuit and high-waisted fits– my current fave madewell denim. Can spring get here already?! I would like to pair my jeans up with some tees, please.
















New Shop in Mystic, CT


This past wednesday I opened up my new shop, Salt shop + press in the historic downtown Mystic, CT. The shop has been in the works for the past few months and I am happy to finally open the doors. Online shop and website are coming soon!

At Salt, you can find handmade items, stationery, art, prints, home goods, soaps and all sorts of gift ideas. At lot of the items are created by local artisans here in Connecticut. We hope to continue to expand our inventory and lots of improvements and ideas brewing already.

salt shop + press

Follow along on facebook or instagram to get a feel for our brand and vision. Hope to see you one day at Salt : )


Back in Action


Pocket Dresses

I am back!!! So happy to be back posting on the blog! I have so many pent up blogging ideas that need to get out asap!

Check back for more frequent posting, and take a look around the new site (My portfolio is still a work in progress—as always)! I will try my best to post here as a reminder to check it out as I keep adding all of my previous and new projects.

Huge thanks to Brandi Bernoskie (rockstar web developer), Ashley Caroline (magical photographer,  Allie Raven of Little Red’s Well, (My go-to stylist), and Jennie Fresa Beauty (natural beauty expert) for making everything come together just the way I envisioned. I so appreciate you sharing your talents with me!

P.S. Always try your best to purchase dresses with pockets…


Get That Winter Style


I am all about comfort, especially in the winter, and I tend to wear a lot of black, so I am loving these simple & chic outfits for winter. I practically am living in these pants, they are highwaisted to smooth out the winter belly : ) and hey have little side and back pockets. They are SOOOO comfortable and you can dress them up or lounge around in them. I think I might have to grab another pair of them, because I can’t wash them fast enough!

Simple Winter Style

Image Source

Simple Winter Style

Image Source

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ShopBop Sale


25% off Shop Bop with code FAMILY25

For the next 3 days ShopBop is having a huge sale 25% off with the code FAMILY25. That would make for some huge savings on the items I am loving above. They have such a wide selection of brands you are sure to find something you need, right?! I am thinking that Madewell Mini Transport Tote would be the perfect addition to my capsule wardrobe I am working on putting together. Let me tell you it is not easy!

1. Cashmere Sweater 2. Madewell Mini Transport Tote 3. Paddington Wool Pea Coat 4. Boat Neck Long Sleeve Tee 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress 6. Wrap Strap Booties


Fall Essentials



Here in Connecticut it is the perfect fall day. I couldn’t help myself from taking a little walk around town this morning after I grabbed my coffee. I am a huge fan of fall and I feel like I really have to soak it all in before the winter sneaks in. I also felt like I needed a new part of booties since last year I held out on buying any new boots. I snagged these navy suede booties from piper lime. I figured I had the black and brown boots covered and wanted something a little different but still something I could wear everyday if I wanted.

Fall wardrobe essentials

Alright, jumping back into some design projects and listening to the latest from Lively show that I just received in my inbox. So excited for this one because I have been admiring the Un-Fancy and trying to implement the minimalist fashion philosophy into my life.

Are you a fan of the Lively show and/or the Un-Fancy? check them out if you haven’t already!


100 Reasons to Love Fall


100 reasons to love fall

100 Reasons to LOVE  FALL  ♥ sweater weather ♥ scarves ♥ changing leaves ♥ cool air ♥ being cozy ♥ crunchy leaves ♥ pumpkins ♥ jack o’ lanterns ♥ halloween ♥ trick or treating ♥ scary movies ♥ haunted houses ♥ decorating ♥ corn mazes ♥ picking the perfect pumpkin ♥ hiking ♥ apple picking ♥ hay rides ♥ caramel apples ♥ football games ♥ football game food ♥ tailgates ♥ hot chocolate ♥ cider ♥ cider donuts ♥ rain ♥ falling leaves ♥ jumping in leaf piles ♥ pie ♥ turkey ♥ stuffing ♥ corn ♥ boots ♥ jumping in puddles ♥ candles ♥ bonfire ♥ coffee ♥ spices ♥ chai tea ♥ popcorn ♥ pumpkin flavored everything ♥ new school year ♥ thanksgiving ♥ corn stalks ♥ candy ♥ the world series ♥ fog ♥ mist ♥ scarecrows ♥ family gatherings ♥ cobbler ♥ cookies ♥ squash ♥ apple crisp ♥ pecan pie ♥ red ♥ brown ♥ yellow ♥ orange ♥ tan ♥ dark green ♥ mashed potatoes ♥ gravy ♥ a full stomach ♥ sweet potatoes ♥ soup ♥ rolls ♥ movie nights ♥ mittens ♥ witches ♥ ghosts ♥ big blankets ♥ woolly hats ♥ sitting by the fireplace ♥ carrots ♥ making sheet forts ♥ hay ♥ walking in the woods ♥ reading ♥ stew ♥ pudding♥ wearing a onesie ♥ baths ♥ shorter days ♥ sleep ♥ slippers ♥ banana bread ♥ chilly nights ♥ golden mornings ♥ sunsets ♥ sleeping with windows open ♥ flannels ♥ thanksgiving day parade ♥ still making smokes ♥ pumpkin seeds ♥ jeans ♥ cornbread ♥ the harvest moon ♥ leftovers ♥ bike rides

100 reasons to love fall


Mondays Look


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