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free font roundup

Hope you had a great weekend! Here are some favorite free fonts to start the week off. The font fanatic in me was spending my sunday night searching for some new font suspects to work with while the bf was watching football. So thought I would put together a little graphic inspired by thanksgiving and share them with you guys. Enjoy the free downloads!

Frente H1 // Nexa Rust Slab (scroll down to free collection) // Oranienbaum // Questa // Nexa Rust Extras // Capture It // Mathlete // Sofia // Underwood Champion


Discounted & Free Fonts 8th Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts

I have a bunch of new branding projects in the hopper at the moment., all in the research phase. Which means, I am doing a lot of searching for those perfect fonts to work with. So I am thinking it is the perfect time to give a little roundup of my favorite discounted & free fonts of the moment.

Pick them up while they last * these are only discounted for a limited time

Port Vintage- 50 % OFF – Ends October 27th // unique & rich typeface with tons of alternative characters

Port Vintage

Pinto-  30% OFF – Ends November 7th- irregular and hand-lettered with banners & swashes

Pinto typeface - discounted for a limited time

FREE – DOCKER – free for personal or commercial use, thanks Slava Krivonosov

docker free font

Le Havre Rough (72% OFF)– Ends November 7th // rough, printed look with over eleven distressed choices.

Le Havre Rough - 72% off

Local Market – 50% Off – Ends November 7th // multiple weights, extras, labels, and banners, hand-drawn market animals, market food, catchwords, numbers, symbols, kitchen tools, farm icons, leaves, and ornaments.

Local Market 50% off for a limited time

FREE – Kari Typeface – pay with a tweet or donate. Thanks Javier Rivero!

kari font

Lulu Clean 82% OFF – Ends November 30th // friendly, retro, and 3-dimensional 

Lulo Clean - 82% off


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Discounted & Free Fonts // 6th Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts – 5th Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts

In a total funk today! This weather is making me a bit moody and mostly unproductive. Hoping sharing some fun fonts will make me feel a bit better.

I feel like this past month has been such a burst of wedding invitations and save the dates which has been refreshing because this winter I had a lot of branding projects. I love to mix it up so it has been fun looking for some new fonts for invitations.

As always enjoy and pick them up while they last * these are only discounted for a limited time

FREE – Blythe – download here, it is not an actual working font but the illustrator file is up for downloading. (thank you, thank you Mr. Slater)

Blyth Free Display Font

Brandon Printed- 70% off ends March 1 – I mentioned this one before. Picked it up real quick! 


Benito- 50% off ends March 22nd – Nice Geometric Woodtype

benito 50% off

Ride My Bike-70% off – ends March 20 (introductory offer) lots of fun swashes and ornaments

ride my bike font 70% off

FREE- Frames & Ribbons – these certainly come in handy save a lot of time trying to 

free ribbons and banners


FREE – High Tide – Love the “A”

High Tide Free


Using this feature hop over to these guys will allow you to limit your search query to a specific timeframe e.

Discounted & Free Fonts // 4th Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts – 3rd Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts 3rd Edition

I had a lot of revamping of my font collection that had to happen this month to get the perfect fit for my projects. Hope you enjoy my round-up of my favorite discounted & free fonts. AND of course jump on them fast because some are only available at these low prices in the next few weeks. Ready…GO!

*note: these are only discounted for a limited time

FREE – Kenzo – download here (loving that i & j, q is cool too)

Kenzo - Free Font download

Mina- 30% off ends October 20 (little pricey but beautiful)

mina - 30% off

Quan Slim – 90% off ends October 23 (holy deal)

quan slim - 90% off

Mimbie – 50% off – ends November 1 (so many alternates & add ons included)

mimbie - 50% off

Kermel – 50% off  – until November 2nd (LOVE this)

kermel - 50% off

FREE – Air Bag – (free and I like it)

Free Font Airbag

I really love Kermel!! Do you have a favorite?


Discounted & Free Fonts