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FREEBIE // Desktop Wallpaper – Rumi


Free Digital Printable


Free Printable

It’s definitely ramping up for winter here in CT—it is officially cold out there! At the end of last year I spilled bleach all over my favorite Pim Larkin jacket while were cleaning our apartment before we moved out. Let’s just say that I am missing that jacket! Now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new wrap jacket— which pretty much looks like I will be wearing a blanket which I am pretty excited about.

I made this free printable a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to sharing it with you. Thought it was a nice quote, so I wanted to design something with it to share with you.

Print it out, share it digitally, give the print as a thoughtful gift, spread the love! Click on download button, to get the PDF.


*Please note that this printable is for personal use only and not to be redistributed or sold. If you would like to share the print please credit and link back to this post for downloading.


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Free Mother's Day Printable


March Free Desktop Download



irish-blessing_may_the-roadIrish Blessing Free Desktop Download

Everyone is Irish in March, right? Wishing you a fun-filled weekend full of guinness and corned beef & cabbage. yum!

Download your desktop wallpaper by clicking the links below: irish blessings to you!!

2560 x 1440 // 1680 x 1050 // 1440 x 900 // 1280 x 800 

P.S. I have an irish print in my etsy shop and hope to get this ready for print very soon! Great gift  that can be personalized!



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Free Desktop Wallpaper // FEBRUARY


Only Love is Real - FREE desktop download

I take every opportunity to celebrate LOVE. Happy February!!!

Download your desktop wallpaper by clicking the links below: lots of  love, enjoy!

2560 x 1440 // 1680 x 1050 // 1440 x 900 // 1280 x 800 



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Free Desktop Wallpaper // Work it


Free Wallpaper Download. Work it GIrl

This was in my head all afternoon. Work, work it girl…I have tons of work to do and not {blah blah} work—like work I really love to do. I just have ALOT and it is great, but my mind was racing a bit so I went out for a midday lunch and a Guinness with the BF and all I kept hearing in my head was “girl, you better work!”

yup, so I got back to work and did ALOT and I decided this needed to be on my desktop to motivate me to get shit done and VIOLA! Now you can download and share in this little jam in my head. 

Download your desktop wallpaper by clicking the links below: ENJOY and you better work!

Free Wallpaper Download. Work it GIrl

2560 x 1440 // 1680 x 1050 // 1440 x 900 // 1280 x 800 



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Discounted & Free Fonts // 4th Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts – 3rd Edition


Discounted & Free Fonts 3rd Edition

I had a lot of revamping of my font collection that had to happen this month to get the perfect fit for my projects. Hope you enjoy my round-up of my favorite discounted & free fonts. AND of course jump on them fast because some are only available at these low prices in the next few weeks. Ready…GO!

*note: these are only discounted for a limited time

FREE – Kenzo – download here (loving that i & j, q is cool too)

Kenzo - Free Font download

Mina- 30% off ends October 20 (little pricey but beautiful)

mina - 30% off

Quan Slim – 90% off ends October 23 (holy deal)

quan slim - 90% off

Mimbie – 50% off – ends November 1 (so many alternates & add ons included)

mimbie - 50% off

Kermel – 50% off  – until November 2nd (LOVE this)

kermel - 50% off

FREE – Air Bag – (free and I like it)

Free Font Airbag

I really love Kermel!! Do you have a favorite?