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Project 365 Things // Day 365



Project 365 Things Day 365 // Cheers to 2014

Damn, doing a 365 project was very hard but surely enjoyable. I wanted to thank everyone who followed along with the project and shared 2013 with me.

I am so excited for 2014 and what lies ahead. 2013 was amazing and so far I think the best year yet. I a, so excited to go into another year where I will be heading into my thirties and continuing to expand my business.

So cheers to 2013 – the year I let “flow.” I experienced dreams come true and also really let go of things that were not meant for me and still am continuing to do so. I let things happen naturally, I simplified my life in many ways, I focused a bit more and was less scattered with my goals (we can’t do and be everything, right?)

I came across this quote just the other day and it is one of my favorites and it really resonated with this past year for me:

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” Buddha

see you in 2014!



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Project 365 Things // Day 351


Project 365 Things // Day 347


10 things

Project 365 Things Day 347 // 10 Things 

eeek more than a full week without even touching my blog. soooo scandalous. Maybe it is my new addiction to Scandal that is keeping me away. Shame on that show sucking me in like that. Who else is watching? We are just finishing up Season 1.

Do you feel the holiday rush setting in? I sure do, I was all la di da di like every year and then bamm I FEEL it.

I have some awesome projects I am wrapping up and also more coming in. The flow is good at the moment and I am super thankful for it. Creatively I have been feeling pretty awesome—but my mornings have been a bit off. I have been waking up way later than I should be and my days aren’t REALLY getting started until about 10pm. I blame it on winter and the cold mornings making it a bit harder to get out of bed—which all in all is leaving a bit less time to get those extra side projects done. busy busy time.

10 things that I am loving this December.

1. Scandal – The tv series junkie that I am when The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire we needed another show. My friends have not stopped talking about it so I am sure I will be an addict in no time.

2. Homeland Finale this coming Sunday. Did you see last week’s episode? OMG.

3. My Pim & Larkin Funnel Neck Coat – New for the season. No frills, just blue and I love it. I kind of feel like I am throwing n a fancy bathrobe—which is not a bad thing. – it was so loved that it is sold out!

4. Minnetonkas – Live in these.

5. Festive Decor – Tis the season!

6. Leonie Dawson 2014 Workbook —> so AMAZING in every way!! It is so effective and fun to do before the new year. Not to mention her academy is also a great investment that I made this past year.

7. Plaid – Classic

8. Studio Open Houses– My sister and I have been doing open studios every Saturday this month. So fun to share the space and our work, we are planning lots of events for the next coming year so keep an eye out if you are local.

9. MaskCara HAC pack – Highlighting and contouring – from Cara the online beauty genius.

10. Kundalini Yoga  also known as the yoga of awareness. I started taking a class a few months ago and I LOVE it. Definitely something that I won’t be living without.

What new discoveries happening in your world? Share in the comments would love to know!



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Project 365 Things // Day 338


Project 365 Things // Day 336


JCrew Dec Catalog Cover

Project 365 Things Day 336 // “How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss

December is here!!! 2014 is right around the corner.

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and maybe got some great deals over the weekend for holiday gifts or possibly picked out your tree.

This J.Crew holiday cover from 2010 is my favorite, even though it is a bit unrealistic (you won’t see me in my heels in a dress getting my tree.)



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