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Project 365 Things // Day 330


sweater weather

Project 365 Things Day 330 // Sweater Weather

Shop these Items // 1. Ethnic Style Print Cropped Sweater with Batwing Sleeves // 2. GOODNIGHT MACAROONNAVY BLUE PEARL KNIT SWEATER // 3.



Project 365 Things // Day 329



Project 365 Things Day 329 // Truth

Sorry I lost my gusto on the 365 Project a bit—I have been missing a few days here and there and I think it is because I am planning on what’s next for 2014 and also a lot of my attention is going to my clients and design work.

I am doing my best to keep up and follow through—which is not always easy. This project has been fun, definitely something I am happy to have done and still doing. A lot has come from just doing the exercise of checking in each day. It has caused a few challenges for me, one being that I think it prevents me sometimes from spending time on other posts that I really want to share, which end up never being shared. I almost started to feel restricted a bit even though there really isn’t any boundaries and I kept it pretty open for the most part.

As the project comes to a close I think I will blog will be more spontaneous—which is what I like a bit more. I won’t feel obligated to do it everyday and if I can’t write or blog at the moment, I won’t.

So for the last 36 days, I can’t promise I will post everyday but I sure will if it feels right and good.

P.S My one year anniversary for the blog is this Saturday!



Project 365 Things // Day 326


Matt Hunsberger

Image by Matt Hunsberger

Project 365 Things Day 326 // Be Awesomer

Happy Weekend!

The image above was created by a fellow connecticut designer, Matt Hunsberger. I discovered his Flickr feed a few months back. Lots of cool graphics and daily musings.



Project 365 Things // Day 324



Project 365 Things Day 324 // Put this on your “to watch” list.

The Way Way Back

I mentioned briefly that that I watched this movie in my catch up post but I don’t think I really emphasized how great it was.

I LOVED it. Yup all caps—easily on my favorite movie list. I am a big fan of Sam Rockwell and thought Steve Carell played a pretty great a**hole and also playing against his usual gig.

It is charming, heartfelt comedy that makes me want to hit up the water slides next summer ; )



Project 365 Things // Day 323


feel good things

Project 365 Things Day 323 // Feel Good Things

Sometime we have our moments…and that is why we have our go to feel good things:

Thankful App // What could be more uplifting than taking a moment and noting what you are grateful for? Works like a charm and always puts everything in perspective. I downloaded this app about a month ago and I try to check in at least once a day to note some things. It also has a section for quotes so you can go through if you need an extra pick me up. Also it has a nice clean design—score.

The Good Life Project // Every week there is a 40 minute show. The show is all about entrepreneurs, artists, authors and thought leaders telling their story. “The common theme is – people building deeply-meaningful businesses, bodies of work, movements and careers, as well as world-class experts.”

Calm App & // We always wished we could push a button and instantly feel calm, now you can. The Calm App is for relaxation and meditation. There is relaxation exercises, music and beautiful nature scenes.




Project 365 Things // Day 322


focus on your ability - foster the people

Project 365 Things Day 322 // Focus on your ability – Foster the People



Project 365 // Day 321 // Happenings



Project 365 Things Day 321 // CATCH UP TIME

How was your weekend?! Mine ended up being pretty good. It started off insanely busy and has eased into a nice relaxing weekend mixed in with some work and meetings. Dave and I went out to Olio for dinner and came home and made some Ruby Red cocktails and watched The Way Way Back (which I LOVED) and popped in one of our favorite movies Green Street Hooligans. We may have a few too many cocktails, but we were saved by the most delicious lattes this morning from Washington Street Cafe. I had a wedding consultation this morning and dropped off my prints for the Art=Gift show opening at the Hygienic this coming Saturday.

I can’t believe we are really heading into mid November. It really is crazy, I have so much to share!!

Here are the latest happenings & visuals to come soon for design projects, I promise.

• I finished up 2 branding projects and a website. Need to get the portfolio updated and let you in on some of the process. I am currently working on a few branding projects, baby shower invitations, wedding invites, save the dates and a new website for the Fairfield Bread Co. Whewww!

• I have been adding new products to my Etsy shop for the past month,including these new iphone cases. I have been trying to get at least 2 new items a week up and its getting there. Just happy to be following through on some ideas I have been brewing. Keep your eye out for new products weekly.

• I was a part of this pop-up shop put together by the CADC on Friday at Nora Cupcake Company. It was a lot of fun, sold some prints and cards. I also got a lovely pair of earrings from of the vendors. Here are some pics from the event.

• Did you see me over on Here I am with some other really great Save The Date ideas.

• I have a gift guide for trendsetters over on Better Homes and Gardens website. I will share some of my favorite pics this week here on the blog— I kind of want everything on it! : ))

Hmmm what else? I know there is more…well for now I think that is it!



Project 365 Things Day 320


la belle aurore

#project365things: Day 320 // Where there is wine and cheese (especially goat cheese)— you show up.

I love tasting dinners. A little sampling of wine or champagne with a complimentary dish each containing cheese from a local farm. Heaven.

La Belle Aurore hosts the most delicious events in collaboration with local farms. They are also the newest addition to the client family, and I am super excited to share the new branding we are working on. Coming in the next month or so!

I need to make a major catch up post because I feel like everything I need to share is just stacking up again.

Cue the glass of wine & some quiet time.