Design Process // Moodboards


Design Branding Process // Moodboards // Patti Murphy Designs

Happy Friday! I have another moodboard to add the mix of projects that I am working on and almost ready to share. These moodboards are inspiration for  branding project a new restaurant that is opening in Lyme, CT.  The grand opening is looking to be in October.

Some descriptive characteristics to set the mood are: crafty, wood, brick, stone, blacks and browns, natural elements, darker atmosphere, cozy, casual, classic favorites with a twist, wooden plates, etchings, food + drink, welcoming.

I am ready for the opening! Can’t wait until it opens and see it all come together. The logo is final and we are working on the menus and ways to work the logo into the new interior. Next, I will share some of the logos we explored—now I am hungry and am craving a beer…have an amazing weekend!




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