Design Process // Social Hour


Social Hour Moodboard // Design Process

The projects are certainly piling up from 2015 to share! I swear I will get to it all, because I love to share the process and how we get to the final branding. While this one is fresh on the mind (just picked final logo this week), I thought I would jump on today and share a little bit of the process.

This mood board is for an inspiring website dedicated to the craft of making cocktails. In addition to recipes on the site you will find tools, techniques and tips for creating your very own “social hour,” because cocktails aren’t (only) about drinking they’re about community. The look we are going for is a classic, sophisticated image that also communicates a friendliness and feeling of accessibility. We want it to feel fresh + fun and attract the adventurers and entertainers.

We love the idea of playful typography, a bit of a handcrafted look with a touch of old-fashioned 1920’s. So excited to share the final logo, but for now here is a peek at a few options we looked at.


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