10 Goals for 2015


Goals for 2015

Wow!—what a struggle to get on here and get a post up! It has been all I have been thinking about, yet couldn’t make it happen this past month +. I have so much to share, it gave me anxiety thinking how behind I was with sharing finished design work, goals for the new year, the latest news, and upcoming projects. Just going to jump back in the best way I know how, with a good list, so here goes it…

My 10 goals for my business + blog

One – New Website Updates to Come
I am looking to spruce things up around the site (or maybe spruce things down.) Looking to simplify things and to be really clear about what it is that I do. It has been a few years since an update and I don’t feel exactly aligned with the look and what it says anymore.

  • Boutique/Shopping Cart – the online shop will mirror the items that I currently have in my brick + mortar shop
  • Design Services – Clear information about what it is that I do and what kind of design that I offer
  • Blog Series – More activity on the blog in design, fashion & lifestyle. Freebies, printables, tutorials & design inspiration.
  • Portfolio – A new format for viewing my portfolio and sharing my work

Two – Newsletter
A big goal of mine for over a year has to been to get my newsletter up and moving. This is my #1 priority at the moment and it has been really helpful in narrowing down what is that I offer (boutique-shop, custom design + design advice) So if you haven’t already be sure to sign up for my newsletter ( in the side-bar.) –>

Three – Sharing More Advice for Young Entrepreneurs + Designers
I get tons of emails with questions about going freelance and how I have been able to make it work. I spend a lot of time e-mailing back and forth and mentoring in anyway I can. I do realize that a lot of the same questions and struggles come up. I am so anxious to break down some advice in future blog posts to come. If you have anything in particular you have questions about shoot me and email and I will add it to my list. I will do my best to get a response posted!

Four – Brick + Mortar
I LOVE having my little shop and since I opened in November 2014 it has been such a confirmation that this dream of mine is something I want to continue to pursue. I love to discover new designers and artist and share and support them. I hope to put a lot more attention and energy into growing this and also having everything available online! I think this is what I am most excited about for 2015. I feel like I am at the very first step of this venture and I am can’t wait to see it grow.

Five – Stationery + Products
With the shop opening I spent most of November + December finding items and bringing in designers to carry in the shop while simotaneously working on custom branding + website projects. I do have some prints, stationery + products available, but I am hoping to find time to carefully design some new products + cards that are consistent in design and presentation. I hope to add them to my etsy shop and to also move in the direction of etsy wholesale.

Six – More Adventures 
I think I was really great about field trips and getting out for 1/2 of last year. I took tons of photos, and was really active about sharing inspirations on here. But as the summer ended I became very much a homebody and stuck to my studio chair—I think the less I wandered the less time I took to reflect and share with you here. (My 101 in 1001 list is really endanger of not being accomplished.)  I am hoping to get back on the saddle and venture out—day trips, weekend trips, anything that will drive more inspiration into my work and also will have more eye candy for you here.

Seven – Network + Collaborate
In the past networking and connecting was a weekly thing that I did. Last year I did a few things here and there but for the most part I was in the “no” camp. I feel that the “no’s” were necessary at the time, but I am hoping to manage my work + time management to be able to say “yes” more than “no.” I am also really anxious to collaborate with some creatives this year with photoshoots, workshops, blogging etc. If you are feeling the itch too, let’s chat : )

Eight – Learning
I have so many things in mind: calligraphy,  more hand-lettering classes, weaving, knitting. Any classes that you recommend?

Nine – Branding Projects 
I would say 2014 was an excellent year of bringing on branding projects. I have tons of work to share in my portfolio and I think I have really mastered my process. I will continue to take on branding projects and am currently booking clients for Mid February – March. Shoot me an email me if you are interested and I can send you more information.

Ten – Custom Wedding Invitations
I stepped back a bit with custom wedding invitations last year. While I really enjoy creating and working with couples, I will only be taking on a limited amount of wedding invitations in 2015 while I focus more on branding, product design and curating my shop.

Let me just tell you, it feels good to back sharing with you on here and I am hoping to be a bit more consistent with my posting.  Cheers to 2015 and making things happen!

photo by 4everandever4 for patti murphy



  • Amanda gray

    i am a wedding and event planner that just moved to the Mystic area from seattle. I am very interested in collaboration especially when it comes to hosting workshops. if nothing else, add me to your e-mail list for updates! i hope you have a great 2015!

    • Patti

      Hi Amanda! Welcome to Mystic! I added you to my newsletter list and hope to connect with you this year!

  • Vanessa Henderson

    I am a student going to school for Graphic, multimedia & web design but my passion is photography. I am just starting out with building my freelance business and building my portfolio. i love all these goals you set, the way you publish your work, and your blog. i hope to become as big as you are one day. you have some great work and i hope you continue to grow and meet your goals this wonderful 2015 year!

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