Logo Exploratory // Megan Forrest


Logo Exploratory // Patti Murphy Designs

Megan and I are having a great time working on her new website that will be launching in September. We just wrapped up the finalization of the logo and are working in some branding elements and color palettes this very moment. Just got off the phone with her!

Just wanted to follow up to our moodboards that I shared last week and share some of the logos that we explored. Just a reminder of some of our creative considerations that we explored : script for the name, possible monogram, feminine but earthy, and possible use of a heart somewhere.

We certainly stuck to the plan and are on our way to an exciting launch. It has truly been a pleasure working with Megan and I am really excited for her to get her name and business out there so she can start doing what she loves. Always an exciting time!

P.S. I have been busy adding new products to the shop, take a peek! 



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