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Havana-NorthHavana North Logo Exploratory

Feels like forever since I shared any logo work. I think the last one was the logo exploratory for Little Red’s Well. A lot of my projects at the moment I am unable to share or the launch is not quite ready. So I haven’t been able to post much of the process, but hopefully very soon!

These are some logos that I explored for a restaurant opening in Texas in 2015. Cuban Fusion yummy yummy! Some of our requirements or creative considerations was including a palm tree, strong bold black and white, possibly bringing in the colors of the cuban flag red and blue and overall a having an authentic cuban tone. The mood boards give you a feel for what we are going for. The final logo is already chosen and finished and now we are working on marketing collateral and the website.

Havana North Logo Exploratory // Patti Murphy Designs


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