Snapshots from Designer Vaca


Happy Monday & October! If you follow me on IG you might have noticed I was away at Designer Vaca soaking up some sun while dreaming, relaxing, and sharing experiences with fellow designer ladies at the Ace Hotel. The whole idea around Designer Vaca is being a sort of anti-conference space where you can build connections and relationships. Sounds amazing right?! Yup, it totally was. I even got expert dental advice from Jessica Hische which I am completely trusting, because I think I would trust her on any topic—really.

Thanks to Promise Tangeman and Alysssa Yuhas for creating this space for us, and for all the creative ladies who were there sharing their experiences and advice. I really do feel like we are all in this together and it is awesome to see how open everyone is to sharing tips, advice and resources.


Here are a few snapshots from the few days in Palm Springs. I must admit I was not very good at getting my phone out and taking photos—so I feel like I am lacking some important shots that I didn’t get but if you follow the vaca hashtag #designervaca you can see what it was all about.

Shout out to my amazing roomies featured in some of the pics above. Emma McIntosh, Jess Levitz & Chelsey Dyer.

So excited about everyone new that I met and connected with & also great catching up with Alicia Carvalho, Kate Wong, Jeanetta Gonzales, and Rashi Birla. Stay in touch ladies!



  • judy

    love the polaroids, Patti! what camera did you use? I got nora one for her b-day but the pics are much smaller

    • Patti

      Thanks Judy! It was my roommates camera so I am not positive which one it was. Maybe you got her the intax mini. I think there are a few versions ; )

  • alicia

    Seriously loved chatting with you. I feel like we have so much more in common then I would have ever even expected. It’s too bad we live far away, however I really want to try to make an effort to chat more 🙂

    • Patti

      you too Alicia! So great to finally meet and chat in person! Hopefully we will both go again next year!!

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