Wedding Invitations // 55 Ideas for RSVP Wording


Wedding Invitation Tips: 55 RSVP Wording Ideas

There are an endless amount of ways to word a wedding RSVP, and now you can make it uniquely yours. While it is a small detail in the wedding invite process, it’s an exciting way to show off your personality and set the tone for your special day! There is no right or wrong way to word your RSVP, find one that works for you in the list of 55 ideas we put together.

1. Accept with pleasure; decline with regret
2. Can’t wait to celebrate; best wishes from afar
3. Graciously accept; respectfully decline
4. I/We wouldn’t miss it; I/We can’t make it
5. Joyfully accepts; regretfully declines
6. Accepts; regrets
7. See you there! ; Sincerely regrets
8. Delightfully accepts; regretfully declines
9. Are pleased to join you; regretfully can’t attend
10. happily accept; can not attend

Patti Murphy Designs - RSVP Wording

11. Count me in; sitting out
12. Yes we’d love to! ;  Sorry, gone fishing
13. Look forward to it! ; Have to miss the fun
14. Delighted to attend; sorry, can’t make it
15. Ready to party; can’t come
16. Wouldn’t miss it for the world ; Be there in Spirit
17. Will be joining the celebration; will be unable to attend
18. Don’t despair we will be there; sad to say we’ll miss this day
19. Our sails are set we’ll be there! ; Sorry, we will be docked somewhere else that day
20. Be there; be square

Patti Murphy Designs - RSVP Wording

21. Looking forward to attending; sadly have to miss it
22. Will celebrate in person; will celebrate in spirit
23. Yes! Ready & set; Sorry, with regrets
24. Accepts with pleasure; declines with regret 
25. So joyful to attend! ; Can’t attend, sending joy your way
26. Would be delighted to accept; must regretfully decline
27. Will come for sure! ; Sorry, can’t make it
28. Love to, and will; love to, but can’t
29. Will eat, drink, and see you be married! ; Will regretfully decline
30. Wouldn’t dare to miss it! ; Won’t be able to attend, but wish you the very best!
31. Shall be pleased to accept; unable to accept
32. Would love to come! ; Can’t make it, sending our love
33. Can’t wait to party! ; Unfortunately can’t join in
34. Wouldn’t miss it for the world! ; Sending our love
35.  Deal me in; sitting out
36. Looking forward to the big day; regretfully cannot attend
37. Cant wait to party! ; Bummer! Can’t make it
38. Will see you there! ; Raising a toast from afar
39. Good news, we’ll be there; bad news; can’t make it
40. Can’t wait to be there; party on without us

Patti Murphy Designs - RSVP Wording

41. With bells on; will be thinking of you
42. Count me in; count me out
43. Let the good times roll! ; Roll on without me
44. So happy; So sad
45. Hell yes! ; Oh no!
46. Bags packed, ready to go! ; Hate to say can’t make it
47. Let’s get the party started! ; Show must go on without me
48. Yes! See you there! ; Sorry! Love to but can’t
49. Can’t wait! ; Can’t come!
50. Can’t wait! ; Can’t make it
51. Wouldnt miss it ; celebrating from afar
52. heck yes, cant wait to see you there ; sadly no, but we have a good excuse
53. wouldn’t miss it for the world ; will be there in spirit
54. Totally ; Bummer
55. Can’t wait to be there ; Party on without us



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