Back in Action


Pocket Dresses

I am back!!! So happy to be back posting on the blog! I have so many pent up blogging ideas that need to get out asap!

Check back for more frequent posting, and take a look around the new site (My portfolio is still a work in progress—as always)! I will try my best to post here as a reminder to check it out as I keep adding all of my previous and new projects.

Huge thanks to Brandi Bernoskie (rockstar web developer), Ashley Caroline (magical photographer,  Allie Raven of Little Red’s Well, (My go-to stylist), and Jennie Fresa Beauty (natural beauty expert) for making everything come together just the way I envisioned. I so appreciate you sharing your talents with me!

P.S. Always try your best to purchase dresses with pockets…


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