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It’s definitely ramping up for winter here in CT—it is officially cold out there! At the end of last year I spilled bleach all over my favorite Pim Larkin jacket while were cleaning our apartment before we moved out. Let’s just say that I am missing that jacket! Now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new wrap jacket— which pretty much looks like I will be wearing a blanket which I am pretty excited about.

I made this free printable a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to sharing it with you. Thought it was a nice quote, so I wanted to design something with it to share with you.

Print it out, share it digitally, give the print as a thoughtful gift, spread the love! Click on download button, to get the PDF.


*Please note that this printable is for personal use only and not to be redistributed or sold. If you would like to share the print please credit and link back to this post for downloading.



  • Jennifer Coyle

    I’m loving the look of your new jacket. it’s been so cold and that looks like the perfect stylish solution 🙂 great printable!

    • Patti

      I hope I love it too, I haven’t had great luck online shopping recently. Thanks Jenn!

  • Jessica

    That wrap looks dee-lightful right about now, because it truly is darn cold in this chilly state!! love the printable quip, too; it’s already my desktop background. 🙂

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