Clean White Natural Living


I have always loved the idea of all white neutral living. I am always attracted to it but always keep a pretty eclectic feel in both my studio and my home and I also love pops of color. One day I think it will happen, and my place will be exploding with a million of these white crocheted floor cushions and little bits of beachy color mixed in.

White Couches - Clean White Living

Source – Beach Cottage House website and Instagram is the best for white natural living inspiration.

White Couches - Clean White Living Source

All white cozy bedroom


Coastal Vintage Style




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  • Jenn Coyle

    Yesss i love white home decor as well. in fact, my entire studio apartment is white! it always feels so bright and emotionally light, even when it gets darker out.

    • Patti

      so jealous Jenn! I want to do it one day, it just seems like it would always feels cozy and bright!

  • Lillie

    I love the idea of white-washed everything. It’s so clean and refreshing- great inspiration images. simplicity at it’s finest!

    • Patti

      Thanks Lillie! Simple is good & love the white wash look—so charming : )

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