365 Things to Think, Believe and Do


Happy New Year & launching of my 365 project!

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My 365 Project

Moving into the new year a 365 project has popped into my head a few times and I just thought to myself why not give it a shot. I quickly shared about my reasons and ideas around what I wanted my 365 project to do in an earlier post. I wanted it to inspire people and also involve people in some way. Another important part is that I wanted it to encourage myself to post consistently and push more energy into my blog.

What is my 365 Project?

I will be sharing a post everyday that has something to think, believe or do. Simple as that. 365 Things to Think , Believe and Do.

How you can get involved?

This project is not meant so that you feel like you have to do everything or commit to doing everything to be a part of it I post. It is meant to inspire you to either add it to your “bucket list” or maybe it just inspires or sparks something in you. If you find that you want to do one day of the project; please tweet, instagram, email, or make a blog post and link back to me so I can see that you got involved!


I created a hashtag for the project. Everything needs a hashtag these days right? This way you can see who else is getting involved and be able to connect with some people. So remember to #project365things, this will help me find you.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us.” – John Lennon

I hope that enough people get involved that we can create a little community. A facebook group seems like a popular effective resource for getting people connected and creating friendships with likeminded people. I would love for this project to have it’s own group where everyone was part of the project, let’s make it happen.

Here goes it.

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