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watch hill in the winterIt has felt really good to back on here more often sharing posts and inspirations as they came to me this week! Planning posts has always been really hard for me and I would tend to procrastinate making it happen when it was time too, or feel bad when I was too busy to make it happen. So my plan is to pop on when I feel like it…#notaplan

This weekend will be the first weekend really off for me since I can’t really remember, besides christmas and that doesn’t really count because the relaxing is so different. We are expecting a Nor’easter here on the east coast, so we boarded up the shop, and I thought it was the perfect time to take that winter break, I have been wanting so badly. Of course I will have to keep an eye on the shop and do some shoveling but I hope to fit in some serious R&R.

Here are some links for the weekend—click around!

Flashback // to before pinterest existed and the some mags, glue sticks and a notebook were your best friend.

Design //  I just love Maps & these are gorgeous! I am so excited to be working on over 3 different maps right for wedding invites. Can’t wait to see how they all come out!

Freebie // Downloadable Love Letters

Decor // Bookshelves

Shopping  // Really into Rich Greens for clothing right now, need a puffy and this is on sale, Like?

Pinterest // My Design // Color board has really been my favorite board lately!

Weddings // Organic Seaside Wedding 

Weekend Eats // Quinoa With Chai-Spiced Almond Milk

A Good Watch // The Affair on Showtime, OBSESSED!! Also got these on my list: TIME’s most anticipated shows of 2016: Fuller House!

Business // Freelance Wisdom – a dedicated space for freelance ladies to go for personal stories, inspiration, encouragement, resources, and freelance related products. YES!

PMD posts just in case you missed it:

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P.S photo taken at Watch Hill this morning. ombre skys! <3

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