This January // 5 Things


5 Things this January

How is your start to the new year going? I didn’t get the greatest start but I am getting there! I just wanted to share few things that are making me happy as we are diving into this very busy January.

01// Face Masks – Organic Mask: Egg White & Lemon and the Queen Helene Mask has been helping me clear my skin- My skin has been really bothering me lately. I feel like I am a teenager, but I know it has to do with the fact that I always wake up with my hands holding my chin. I think I need gloves for my hands when I sleep so I can stop breaking out in this area. These masks have been helping to dry out the area a bit.  I am just hoping for some fresh dewy skin to appear at some point. I am new to using masks on my face, any other recommendations?

02 // Lavender & Water Spray – So simple, yet so soothing. I spray it on my bed sheets, pillows and in the bathroom before I shower. It makes it feel a bit spa like. I made mine with in a little spray bottle. I used about 16 drops of lavender and added water.

03// Yoga Nidra  I went to a workshop in December and one this past january at my client’s yoga studio. It is so retstorative and you leave with a tingly feeling almost like your floating around. ahhhh… Look it up and find a class in your area, you won’t regret it!

04 // Green Smoothie – Spinach, Mixed Berries, Banana, Almond Milk & Maca Powder. Blend. Sip. Enjoy.

05 // Creative Mornings – I sort of forgot about creative mornings. I used to listen to them often. I was reminded when Bri Emery posted her talk and I have been listening to them while I get some work done. I work alone so it is nice to bring some likeminded peeps into my space in a way.

Have a lovely weekend! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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