101 Things in 1001 Days


List of 101 things to do in 1001 days

Here it is! As promised Day 16 of  Project 365 Things.  My list of 100 things in 1001 days inspired by Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling. I even accomplished one thing today—randomly #53, well 2 other things actually #1 also #49 I accomplished last week – mid-writing this list.

Finish date : October 14, 2015

I figured that date out here.

    1. Come up with 101 things  (January 2013)
    2. Inspires someone else to write their own list – email me if you do : ) Manda Likes, The Rad Life, The LBeau Room, Kristen Brassard, Mare Design Boutique
    3. Learn to take better photos
    4. Watch 10 documentaries – 1. Searching for Sugarman 2. The Central Park 5 3. Blackfish 4. Tiny 5. Joan Rivers A Piece of Work 6. Serving Life 7. Burt’s Buzz 8. The American Scream 9. Queen of Versailles 10. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
    5. Print some favorite instagrams on Sticky 9 Nieces & Nephews
    6. Tip a waitress/waiter $100
    7. Design a typeface
    8. Learn calligraphy
    9. Invest in a classic handbag
    10. Get a new bed set
    11. Try 10 new restaurants La Luna (April 2013) Ford’s Lobsters (May 2013) Mi Casa (June 2013) State Street Saloon (June 2013) Heirloom (July 2013) Trattoria Longo (August 2013) Mi Cocina (September 2013) Mañana (September 2013) Midtown Oyster Bar (October 2013) Water Street Cafe (November 2013)
    12. Go to a business retreat  Designer Vaca
    13. Have my studio or apartment published on a major blog or online magazine
    14. Launch a collaborative series on my blog
    15. Throw a dinner party
    16. Leave this country
    17. Get my passport
    18. Send out Christmas cards
    19. Publish an E-Book
    20. Read 5 classic novels
    21. Find eyeglasses
    22. Read 10 non-fiction books
    23. Find my signature scent
    24. Go zip-lining
    25. Find the perfect lipstick
    26. Go to a zoo
    27. Watch fireworks  (Sailfest 2014)
    28. Go to a drive-in movie
    29. Visit 3 new states in the US // Utah, Texas, North Carolina
    30. Visit 10 cities // Salt Lake City, UT, New York City, NY, Miami, FL, Boston, MA, Houston, TX, Newport, RI, Stamford, CT, Wilmington, NC, Portland, ME
    31. Visit Boston (heyyyy duck tour)
    32. Take a spontaneous weekend trip
    33. Establish a yoga routine 
    34. Collaborate with a brand I love
    35. Contribute to another blog  Shared the importance of Handwritten Letters over on Umba Box
    36. Attend Alt Summit   (January 2013)
    37. Go to Brimfield Antique Show
    38. Ride a hot air balloon
    39. See a broadway show
    40. Knit something
    41. Have a spa day // Newport Hyatt 
    42. Take a road trip // Connecticut River Loop. Gillette Castle to River Tavern 
    43. Master SEO hired someone to master it for me. lol
    44. Create a series of paintings  See all about it here.
    45. Attend or be a part of BlogShop  (February 2013, see post here)
    46. Buy a bicycle New Plan: Buy Kayaks
    47. Get a dog decided this is not something I want right now.
    48. Buy a quality knife set
    49. Create items for Society 6  Print Shop (January 2013)
    50. Go to a festival
    51. Enjoy my morning coffee outside Yes! and Yes!
    52. Revisit the Mystic Aquarium
    53. Visit a restaurant featured on Man vs.Food   (January 2013) see what I ate
    54. Go to a film festival
    55. Host a party with a photo booth
    56. Do yoga on the beach
    57. Go to Botanical Gardens
    58. Complete a 365 day project  woohoo!
    59. Work outside of the office -once a month (January 2013) Utah, (February 2013) Washington Street Coffee House, (March 2013) Starbucks, (April 2013) Sketching at Harkness Park, (May 2013) Outside brainstoming ideas (June 2013) Hygienic Art (July 2013) IFoundFitness (August 2013) Panera Bread (September 2013) Panera Bread (October 2013) Fairfield University Bookstore (November 2013) NoRA Cupcake Co. (December 2013) Muddy Waters (January 2013) House Meeting (February 2013) North Carolina
    60. Read a Jane Austen novel
    61. Create an editorial calendar
    62. Join a book club  (January 2013)
    63. Experiment with the Paleo Diet
    64. Start my newsletter
    65. Make a media kit for my blog
    66. Spend an entire day in bed watching movies
    67. Visit my mom in North Carolina See my photos here. 
    68. Visit 3 local breweries // Half Full Brewery, Beer’d Brewery
    69. Acquire 5 quality coffee table books
    70. Invest in a good camera
    71. Visit 10 museums or galleries // 1. Lyman Allen Museum 2. Cooley Gallery 3. Mystic Art Center 4. Pratt-Wright Gallery 5.New Britain Museum of American Art 6. Avery-Copp House 7. Alexey Von Schlippe Gallery
    72. Eat macarons
    73. Go kayaking
    74. Hire an intern or employee
    75. Go to a wine festival
    76. Go to a music festival
    77. Watch all the best picture nominees before the Academy Awards
    78. Take a day trip with no phone or internet
    79. Read 10 business related books
    80. Design & print personal monogrammed stationery
    81. Watch 5 Audrey Hepburn movies // 1. Sabrina 2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 3. Funny Face 4. Charade 5. How to Steal a Million
    82. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line
    83. Watch all current seasons of Downton Abbey
    84. Watch all current seasons of GIRLS
    85. Purchase new couch
    86. Purchase or make a bar cart
    87. Bake something from scratch Gluten Free, Sugar Free Banana Bread
    88. Be able to do 40 push-ups without stopping
    89. Complete a large jig-saw puzzle
    90. Attend a show at fashion week
    91. Share on my blog 20 of the 101 things accomplished
    92. Make 5 DIY items on Pinterest
    93. Make 10 recipes from Pinterest, 1. Gluten Free Sugar Free Banana Bread 2. Healthy Turkey Chili 3. Apple Crisp 4. Overnight Oatmeals 5. Holy Yum Chicken 6. Broccoli-Cauliflower Casserole 7. Frittata 8. Simple Baked Panko Chicken 9. Almond Crusted Baked Chicken 10. Chicken Gyros
    94. Attend a food festival
    95. Climb a mountain
    96. Go to a horse race
    97. Start a garden
    98. Revisit the Mystic Seaport
    99. This one is a *Secret
    100. Oh this one is *Secret too
    101. Put $10 in savings for each one accomplished


  • Judy

    #40 hey Patti…..if you don’ t already know how to knit I will teach you so you can cross this one off of your list 🙂

    • Patti

      I might have to take you up on this. I learned years ago but I need a refresher! I saw a pic of that scarf you knit Kaitlyn. Love it!

  • Krystle

    “14. Launch a collaborative series on my blog”

    Hello Patti,
    I found your site through PowerPlay and i’ve been following your #project365things. since starting my own guest column on my blog, i’ve had a lot of fun collaborating with like-minded people. i’d be interested in working with you on a guest collaborative series in the future.

    • Patti

      Hi Krystle! Thanks for following! I would love to connect with you about this. I will shoot you an email soon : )

  • Lindseybee

    Oh I definitely have some Audrey hepburn recommendations! my favorite is sabrina, but also watch roman holiday, funny face, paris when it sizzles, and my fair lady! you’ve got quite an inspiring list!!

    • Patti

      ahhh thanks so much Lindsey! Now I need to get ALL of those & hunker down!

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    Can i just say i adore this idea. I stumbled upon your website from pinterest and I am in love. i do believe i am going to make my own list!

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  • Sarah Lorenz

    Saving $10 for each goal is such a good idea! Definitely one I’m going to include when I do this!! <3

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