Project 365 Things // Day 45


I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart. - The Lumineers

Day 45 of #project365things : I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart. – The Lumineers

Big thanks to Judy for sending this quote/lyric my way. I actually did a chalkboard design, like this one, for an art show last year with this same quote.

I appreciate everyone sending me quotes to design, it makes the process that much more fulfilling!

Enjoy V-day!! If you are an anti V-Day, here is 50 Ways to Have a Very Un-Valentine’s Day, or when in doubt, order some take out and watch chick flicks, like any other day, right?!


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  • judy

    thanks patti!

  • Jessika

    So lovely! My little girls made me love this song-they got really into it on our long drives during the summer & their little voices singing it kills me every time. It was part of my Mister’s proposal in December-this is one of the nicest designs I’ve seen yet:)

  • Telle

    THIS is absolutely gorgeous and I just loved it from the moment I saw it. I’m into crossstitching and wanted you to know I’m in the process of stitching this now & to say I hope you don’t mind! The finished product will be just for me, I won’t make anything from your work and the pattern I’ve made from your picture will again neverbe sashes . I’ll of course link to you when I show it off on instagram etc, I just felt I needed to tell you and hope you’re not mad at me! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

    • Patti

      That sounds great Telle! I would love to see it when it is finished. Thanks! – Patti

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